Donate easily and safely!

Suggestions for the disbursement of donations are subject to the approval of the Directors. You will be contacted if for any reason a donation can’t be allocated as suggested. Such donations can be re-allocated but cannot be refunded. Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued.

Prior to donating for the first time for a specific worker or purpose, it is recommended that you contact the GPF office to confirm if we can receive funds on behalf of the worker or for the suggested purpose.

Several Options

  1. E-Transfer

    Donations may be made directly from your bank account using your bank’s Interact e-Transfer option.

    1. The recipient/beneficiary is the Gospel Perpetuating Foundation, email
    2. If you are a first-time donor, you must provide your name, email address, mailing address and phone number in the message area of your bank’s e-Transfer form so the GPF can issue an income tax receipt. If you have donated previously, this information is already on file unless you wish to indicate a change in your contact information. Alternatively, you can send a separate email with this information, but please provide the e-transfer reference number so that we can connect the two.
    3. If you wish to suggest a purpose for the donation (worker(s), assembly, project) please include this in the message section or send a separate email. Indicate any portion of the donation you wish to remain anonymous with “ANON.”
    4. Retain a copy of your bank’s confirmation.


  2. PayPal

    Online donations may be made with a credit card or bank debit through PayPal (maximum $4,000 per transaction), or with a PayPal account (maximum $10,000 per transaction). A small donation toward the 1.6% transaction fee and administration costs is appreciated, and a tax receipt will be issued for the total amount.

Automatic Monthly Donations

Pre-authorized Payments

Pre-authorized payments make it possible to donate a specified amount on a monthly basis by automatic withdrawals from your bank account. The withdrawal date is on, or about, the 20th of each month and the funds will be used in accordance with the aims and objectives of the GPF. If you wish to have the GPF set this up for you, you may download the Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement form for printing (It may be filled in online prior to printing). Please send the form along with a voided cheque by mail, fax or email. You may specify the purpose(s) for which the donation is being made on the agreement form. An income tax receipt will be issued at the end of the year. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Other ways to Donate

  1. Mail-in donations

    If you prefer this method, cheques, money orders, or bank drafts should be made payable to Gospel Perpetuating Foundation. See Contact Us for mailing address. For your convenience, please use the Donor Form which can be filled in online and printed. At year-end, it is important that donations be postmarked no later than December 31st to be eligible for an income tax receipt for that taxation year. The date on the check does not determine eligibility.

  2. Legacy

    You may choose to bequeath in your will some portion of your Estate to the GPF for the Lord’s work which you have supported in your lifetime. If so, we recommend that you engage legal assistance in the codification of this legacy.  Under certain circumstances, gifts of this nature are deductible for income tax purposes.

  3. Gifts in Kind

    Donations of publically traded securities (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) are eligible for an income tax receipt and are currently exempt from capital gains tax. Other gifts can include insurance policies, annuities, charitable remainder trusts or other assets. Please consult a financial advisor and the GPF office.

Note: In addition to financial support, we encourage communication with missionaries by mail or email, as contact with the homeland is very much appreciated.