Aims and Objectives

  1. To advance the Christian faith in Canada and around the world by supporting missionaries, teachers, evangelists and Christian workers engaged in gospel, medical and educational endeavours, carried on by Christians gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by:
    1. Convening Christian conferences, gospel outreaches and related events; and
    2. Printing and distributing Christian literature and resources;
    3. The acquisition, construction, renovation, and maintenance of buildings for public worship; and
    4. By providing relief to the elderly in need;
  2. To relieve poverty in developing countries by providing shelter, social support, education and other basic needs to children, the elderly and individuals in need, including:
    1. Through schools, hospitals, and homes for the elderly; and
    2. By responding to need in times of disaster;
  3. To receive and maintain a fund or funds to apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom, from time to time, to qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.19(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada);
  4. To do all such things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the charitable purposes of the Foundation.

Our History

Clarence House

The Gospel Perpetuating Foundation was incorporated in 1956 as a non-profit organization under the Societies Act of British Columbia, and in 1967 obtained registered charity status federally. Its founder was the late Clarence W. Copp, and its founding directors were H. Basil Boyd, George P. Campbell, Cecil A. Copp, Roy Dennis and W. T. Funston. Their vision was to assist Christian missionary enterprise at home and abroad by supporting missionaries, evangelists and teachers, as well as assisting charitable institutions such as hospitals, orphanages and schools. As funds were made available, assistance was provided for assembly projects such as the renovation and building of halls. From 1961 to 1975, the GPF owned and operated a 16-resident Rest Home on a non-profit basis for aged Christians at 3590 Hudson Street in Vancouver. From 1965 to 2010, the GPF owned and maintained a residence to accommodate missionaries home on furlough. The first was a duplex at 5525 Halley Avenue in Burnaby, and later, a townhouse at 15868 – 85th Avenue in Surrey. The GPF no longer retains the property for this purpose but continues its original mission to support Christian endeavour around the world and to assist individuals and assemblies in giving for this purpose.

Present Directors

The following directors are members of local assemblies in British Columbia. They serve on a volunteer basis and are responsible for policy decisions, management of charity assets, and oversight of GPF operations.

  • Philip Broadhead
  • Seth McKinley
  • Paul McIlvenna
  • Eddie Wong
  • Anthony Broadhead

The administrative office handles things like donation processing and bookkeeping.

History of receipts

History of receipts chart

Disbursements for 2020

Dosbursement graph